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A screenshot of AI Careers
AI Careers
Find jobs in AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Machine Learning. AI Job Opportunities for all.
A screenshot of AI Trip Planner
AI Trip Planner
Plan your next vacation Get detailed schedule for your chosen travel destination. (e.g 4-days schedule for visiting Barcelona) Follow the example format | 10 days max
A screenshot of Alfred
Alfred is a new AI-powered search and content creation engine, combining ads-free search and content creation into one easy-to-use app experience. With Alfred, searching and finding information has never been easier or more convenient. Try it now and experience the future of search and content creation.
A screenshot of CaliberAI
CaliberAI develops risk assessment tools to detect potentially defamatory and harmful content. Try our demo and contact our sales team today.
A screenshot of Consensus
Consensus is a new search engine that uses AI to find you answers in scientific research. Find out what the research says in seconds with Consensus.
A screenshot of Continual
Continual is the easiest way to build predictive models – from customer churn to inventory forecasts – on the modern data stack. Try Continual for free.