Virtual Characters AI Tools and Resources

A screenshot of Character AI
Character AI
Where intelligent agents live!
A screenshot of Gemsouls
​Gemsouls is an artificial intelligence platform powering virtual characters and their connections to the real world. We are creating a new way for fans to enjoy their favortie characters, for creators to bring fictional beings to life, and ultimately, for us to stay forever connected to the people we love and hold so close to our hearts, fictional or real.
A screenshot of Inworld
Create AI characters and NPCs for games, metaverse, and business applications – or just for fun. You can talk to AI characters about anything. It’s easy, free, and full of possibilities.
A screenshot of Ready Player Me
Ready Player Me
Create a full-body 3D avatar with a selfie and use it in the metaverse. Developer? Integrate our avatar platform into your app or game.
A screenshot of Stylized
Create virtual product staging with AI.
A screenshot of Xpression Camera
Xpression Camera
Become anyone on Zoom, Twitch, or any streaming video